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High speed humidity measurement

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    UPSI presents its ultra fast humidity sensors. With a 0.25 response time , the UPSI’s humidity and temperature sensors are the fastest available in the market.

SMD sensor
RoHS reflow

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    UPSI’s presents its humidity sensors available in SMD reflow. this sensors respect the RoHS compliance and are easy to install and ready to used, compensed and calibrated

Ultra robust

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    With this sensor get humidity in 0.25sec with a very large operating range -90°C to 120°C

Ready to use

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    Upsi’s Microsystems rely on the MSSbi-face technology, developed and patented by UPSI. This sensing module is made up of the sensor and integrated electronic transmitter. It is easily plugable or solderable.

Low power sensing

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    Upsi proposes low power humidity probes with analogical output. The items can work under battery, (three years battery life under a 1 Ah battery)

Industrial process sensors 4-20 mA 2 Wire

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    UPSI has developed a range of humidity and temperature sensors for industrial applications. These sensing modules are fully interchangeable and are available in housed or OEM versions.
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