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Accurate Humidity and Temperature Sensors

water drip

The sensor’s main application is the integration to a humidity probe for which the customer develops the electronic circuit. Our sensors are able to replace the competitor ones thanks to their full interchangeability. The product can be provided with an anti-chemicals filter on request. This item is available in SMD (Surface Mount Device) and respects the RoHS compliance. The UPSI sensors can be soldered (Lead free Reflow)


The Micro-system’s typical application is to be mounted in electronic boards and therefore the customer can easily solder or plug it. The micro-system is protected from drift due to humidity, calibrated and compensated. This product can be used directly with a micro-controller without no need for additional components. The item provided with a digital output is ready and easy to use.

ProbeDigital PROBES

This probe is provided with a digital output. The item integrates a microsystem and a stabilized power supply system (6-24 V without signal disturbance). Temperature measurement can be made by NTC or PT1000 channel.

ProbeAnalog PROBES

This analogic probe is provided with a stabilized power supply system. This probe integrates an analog linear output housed (0 1V or 0 5V). This product can be connected to humidity controllers or LCD display. The temperature channel can be analogical, NTC or PT1000.


4 to 20mA transmitters with humidity and temperature linear output equipped with Galvanic insulation
This transmitter can be connected to digital probes


This leading system has been designed for industrial drying and enjoys a great success in the drying field, due to its accuracy and high resistance (Galvanic insulation between all Channels). This system is made up of two small probes in stainless steel provided with special anti-chemicals filters and a 2m cable.This system measures humidity and temperature at the input and output point, enabling an automation control optimization. Moreover it is quick to connect to DIN rail installations.

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