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UPSI is a French company specialized in the design, development, manufacture and sales of humidity and temperature leading sensing modules in a myriad of markets in which it enjoys a reputation of reliability and high performances. One of the cutting edge of UPSI is its capacity to adapt its products for niche or mass markets. The customer satisfaction is one the key of UPSI’s sucess.
Indeed we provide our clients with state-of-the-art products Thereby,UPSI always aims at offering the best customer benefit by improving adapted high tech humidity and temperature solutions. UPSI appears as a trustworthy humidity measurement partner


Research and development : UPSI is foremost a Research and Development company which dedicates a great part of its activity to innovation. For years now, UPSI has been developping new high-tech devices improving more and more the state of the art.
UPSI leans on a deep know-how in the measurement of physical quantities and especially humidity and temperature, but also on an highly capable staff who enjoys a long experience in demanding sectors as for example the military one.
The UPSICAP and MSS bi-face technology underline the UPSI’s innovation capacity and its ability to provide its clients with leading items enhancing more and more the customer benefit. UPSI appears as the leading humidity and temperature measurement sensing modules supplier.

Business model UPSI leads an innovation strategy based on the anticipation of the markets needs and demands, that is the reason why UPSI always has a leg up as regards competition and enjoys a reputation of expertness.
Thereby, one of the spearhead of UPSI is to come out with products which performances correspond to real needs ,offering high performances even under severe constraints.
This innovation strategy enables UPSI to discover new markets while enhancing its knowledge concerning its current ones. Thus UPSI tries to develop products that are easily adaptable to all the applications defined.

One of the most important value is to manage to design high tech products at low cost and thus reach economies of scale.

Environment: UPSI commits itself to provide its clients not only with highly performant sensing modules but also with non-polluting products pointing out its involvment in the environment protection in the framework of the sustainable development.
Therefore, all the products from UPSI respect the RoHS compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive). UPSI contributes to its client’s cuts on operating costs and notably as regards energy consumpation by providing them with leading and suitable products.


  • 1974 : First capacitive humidity sensor

  • 1993 : First Humidity sensor on metallic substrate.

  • 1999 : First humidity sensor on mass production

  • 1999 : Codeveloppement for sensor packaging with Motorola

  • 2003 : Development of the MSS Bi-Face technologyTM (Microsystem)

  • 2008 : Development of SMD sensor for lead free reflow process

U.P.S.I. France 951, Rue Marcel Paul ZI Des Grands Godets 94500 CHAMPIGNY SUR MARNE
Phone : + 33 1 45 16 18 20 Fax : + 33 1 45 16 18 29 E-mail : info@upsi.fr
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