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water drip

This measuring device is made up of one or more contioners provided with digital output or 4-20 mA transmitters.



The conditionner is a stainless steel probe provided with cable glands output IP68 which extremity is equipped with a connector.



The transmitter is available in one, two or even four measurement ways 4-20 mA (2 wires), the conditioners connect to the adapted bases of the transmitter, and is supplied thanks to connection screw teminals.

The product has been designed for a rapid and easy installation (connection to DIN rail) reducing consequently the intallation time.

The single probe is provided with a meausrement probe.

TThe twin probe is made up of two cables (2m) allowing to centralize a supply and processing measurement point while measuring humidity measuring humidity over a range of twice the length of the individual cables.

The conditioner cables can be adapted to the clients’ needs and demands on request.

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