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Ultra robust sensors

water drip

Humidity measurement is linked to the variation of the dielectric (multilayer polymer) according to the quantity of water vapor contained in it.

For applications in which the sensors are exposed to severe environmental conditions,
they must be provided with specific filters in order to prevent chemicals to soak in the polymer.

Classic process consists of making a cavity protected by filters (bronze, stainless steel …)
This cavity causes a drawback as it becomes a kind of condensation room when the Relative Humidity rate reaches more than 90%

Classic filtration

Thus UPSI developed specific filtration processes based on two products, which structures are totally different one from another, put directly on the sensor during its manufacture (called wafer level).

UPSICAP filtration


This technic points out the advantage of having: on the one hand, no cavity and on the other hand, the possibility to put it on products designed to be soldered on elecrtonic circuits.

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