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Ultrafast response time

water drip

UPSICAP multilayer polymer technology associated to the gaseous flow of the porous electrode enables UPSI to develop sensitive cells with an extremely thin polymer leading these cells to reach ultra fast response times (0,25s) with no impact on reliability.

Those sensitive cells are available in the UPSI’s range of products (sensors,micro-systems,probes and 4-20 mA) for applications in which response time is crucial, events with fast variations such as (life-support systems, radiosonde...)

Humidity & Temperature response Recorded

Gusx Gusx

UPSI’ ultra fast sensor allows to highlight significants variations that our standard sensors are unable to detect. In comparison with the competition our standard sensor displays a response time 0,5 time faster while concerning our ultra fast item it deals with 5 times

The Graph below shows the humidity response of 3 differents sensor with differents response time sensors on a humidity variation of 0.7s duration from 40%RH to 90%RH (event)

Gusx Error on Event

Sensor 1 = 46%RH
Sensor 2 = 18%RH
Sensor 3 = 3%RH

Moreover, the combination : response time/ event duration, enables the UPSI’ sensor to reach the value with an excellent accuracy very quickly.

    The measuring systems announced accuracy correspond to physical magnitude 5 times longer than the sensor time constant (Asymptote). The curve below shows physical magnitude events duration versus the real accuracy.

    This graph is important when the measuring duration magnitude is less than five times the constant time.
    The sensor accuracy changes according to sensor RH or At constant time.

    For example, a sensor with a 1 second time constant and a
    variation lasting 0,4 secondes causes 35% RH error for 50% humidity.



Micro system

Digital Probes

Analog Probes

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