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Even if it is unrecognized, humidity measurement is very useful as regards concrete quality. A high rate of humidity can damage concrete’s yield and causes therefore safety problems through the lack of adhesion and the aparition of cracks.

The UPSI’s sensors are designed to be as robust as possible and subjected to a battery of strict tests to guarantee excellent performances in this field.

Thanks to a specific filter technology which doesn't let water through but only vapor, the UPSI’s sensors are able to measure concrete’s drying contineously. The sensor’s effiency is due to an axcellent desaturation (below 2 seconds after 150h at 100 %RH) which enables an accurate measurement of the water evaporation in the concrete’ structure.
Sensor and transmitter 4-20mA


GusxF-TUCN.33P pdf iconDownload the Datasheet
GusxF-TUCN.35P pdf iconDownload the Datasheet


GusxH-TUTA.32 pdf iconDownload the Datasheet
GusxH-TUTA.332 pdf iconDownload the Datasheet

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